18 juillet 2015

Club Rules

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Article 1: Respect of the individual

Badminton Lachine is an association respecting good sportsmanship and sports ethics. All unsportsmanlike, offensive, sexist or racist comments or remarks will be penalized by an official warning and a definitive and immediate expulsion from the gymnasiums.

Article 2: Respect of the material and the installations

The players have to practice with non-marking shoes specially tailored for indoor sports. Winter boots are forbidden in the gymnasium. Players must bring their own racquet. The Club provides plastic shuttlecocks that have to be given back to the monitor at the end of the evening. Any damages to the material or installations caused by a player can be billed to that player.

Article 3: Game type

At any time, the priority is given to doubles play. When several courts are free, single games are authorized.

Article 4: Use of the courts

The monitor is responsible for the management of the activities in the gymnasium and will use, if necessary, a rotation chart. This rotation chart is used to allow all members to practice badminton fairly. A players’ rotation is mandatory and, after each match, all the players will have to withdraw from the court, even if there are free courts around. No member or group of members is entitled to keep the same court during the evening or most of the evening.

Article 5: Scoring System

The international scoring system of 21 points will be enforced. Members play a 21-point game then leave the court and wait their turn to play on another court.

Article 6: Responsibilities

All minors are under the full responsibility of their legal representative outside of practice hours. Parents have to make sure that a monitor is present before leaving their child in the gymnasium. Children under 16 years of age can play badminton only in the time slots reserved for them. Even if they are accompanied by their parents, children cannot play during time slots reserved for adults. The Club declines any responsibility for:
– any incident or accident involving a player who is not a member or a guest of the Club ;
– any accident due to the non-compliance of the regulation or guidelines;
– any loss of personal property.
The Club advises the players not to leave any personal belongings or valuable objects in the locker rooms when they play badminton or participate to badminton events.

Article 7: Guests

The Club accepts guests when it is possible. The guests must respect the regulations. Before starting to play, the guests must pay a fee of seven dollars ($7) to the monitor. The monitor can accept guests, limit the number of guests or reject them according to the number of players already on the courts. Club members always have priority.
Non-compliance of this regulation (except for Section 1 above) will result in the expulsion of the offending person after two (2) warnings from the monitor.

Article 8: Sanctions

Repeated violations of these rules, freely accepted by the club member, will entail the responsibility of the person at fault. He/she will first receive a warning and then, if necessary, will be suspended ( temporary suspension then final suspension), with or without a refund of membership fee, following discussion of the board members.

Article 9: Subject and Amendments

The following rules complete the statutes of the club Badminton Lachine and Collège Sainte-Anne’s rules for using their gyms. Each member ( and each minor’s legal guardian) must be acquainted with these different texts and respect their guidelines. These rules can be modified by the board of directors who will then have them approved at the annual general meeting.

Article 10: Refund Policy

Any request for refund of membership fees will be accepted during the first two weeks of the current season, The refund amount will be calculated according to the following: deduction of each attendance x$7/week from the paid amount for the season or the year. No refund for administration fees.
After this date, no request for refund will be accepted for the current season, except for a medical reason; in that case, medical proof will have to be provided. The refund amount will be calculated the same way as explained previously.
Foresee a 30-day delay after the request has been analyzed before receiving a refund which will be by cheque.
Requests for a refund must be sent either by email to the club treasurer or by mail to the following address :

Badminton Lachine
Att: M. Vickel Coosa
2901, boulevard Saint-Joseph
Lachine H8S 4B7

Any request for additional information must be forwarded to the club treasurer.

Article 11: Zero tolerance

It is strictly forbidden to have in one’s possession, to take, or to partake in the trafficking of alcohol or illicit substances (drugs, steroids, etc.) within the Badminton Lachine club, with threat of sanctions.
Sanctions could include a temporary or permanent suspension, the loss of financial aid from the Badminton Lachine club, notifying the appropriate authorities (parents, police, school, badminton associations, etc.), disciplinary measures, etc.

Article 12: Pictures

During activities organized by Badminton Lachine or during activities where Badminton Lachine members participate, pictures can be taken by volunteers or parents of the Club.  These pictures can eventually be used in newspaper articles, on websites and in publicity advertisements to promote either the sport of badminton or an event that the Club is organizing. By registering to Badminton Lachine, you agree that the Club can use these pictures. At any time, you can ask us we remove and delete any picture related to you or your children just by sending an email to medias@badmintonlachine.com.